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Zam-Buk The Real Makoya Herbal Ointment 16g

R 31.95

What is Zam-Buk The Real Makoya Herbal Ointment?

Zam-Buk The Real Makoya Herbal Ointment 16g is made with eucalyptus oil, camphor, thyme oil and sassafras oil, and is a herbal ointment perfect for a range of skin conditions. Use it to moisturise dry, flaky skin or to soothe scrapes, burns, insect bites and other minor skin ailments.

Ingredients: Each 100 g contains

  • Oil of eucalyptus - 5.03g.
  • Camphor - 1.66g.
  • Oil of thyme - 0.50g.
  • Oil of sassafras - 0.62g.