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About Us

At Med365 it is our passion and aim to assist people achieving good health and maintaining it. This passion has been passed down from one generation to the next , and as youngsters growing up in a family where my grandfather as well my parents spent many nights discussing health and the healthcare industry, as they have always been involved in different aspects of the nutritional and healthcare industry.

Little did I know what a profound effect that would have on me as a person. It started a fire in me that almost 25 years later is still burning brighter than ever and it is this passion that has driven me to create Med365 with my family. Why be passionate about dull boxes with pills or capsules in them? Well I don't see them as dull, they are the gateway to allowing us to assist so many people.

Once reading a book, I was left with the impression of a particular statement. It stated that “ Very few industries have the ability to have a direct and positive impact on people's lives, however one that has is the healthcare industry!”

After finishing University, I was privileged enough to work in my father’s business for over 5 years in the pharmaceutical industry. As a non medical professional, I found myself overwhelmed by all the different products, but my fascination grew as I became more aware of the scope and potential benefits associated with the usage of these different products, especially in the category of nutritional supplements, which then led to an even bigger interest in the healthcare industry.

This comes to the second question, why online? I feel that online is the perfect platform to present products and create an area where customers can understand the concept of various usages and benefits, and so being able to make more informed decisions to help improve their own lives and creating healthier lifestyles.

Med365 aims through the combination of information and technology to create an environment where the customer is able to access healthcare information based on conditions and supplements, to be more informed as well as being introduced to different options available, as well as the latest developments and information.

Through the use of our own proprietary technology we are able to reduce costs, which will result in industry leading pricing which is beneficial to the consumer.

South Africa is struggling with economic challenges on a day to day basis. We need to create a positive outlook for a better future for our country and the people living in it. Med365 is trying to create a better future. As a young entrepreneur with the skills and knowledge that will be used to create something unique and life changing, it is our duty to put this to test so we can create a better South Africa.