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Vitaforce Nutri-B Calm 30 Capsules

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What is Vitaforce Nutri-B Calm?

Vitaforce Nutri-B Calm 30 Capsules is specially formulated with B-complex vitamins and L-theanine to help restore clam and improve focus during times of stress.

Nutri-B calm is a non-sedating supplement providing a unique combination of nerve nutrients, which help to restore calm and focus when you need it most. L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea and clinically tested for its calming effects.

Kali phosphoricum D6 is a well regarded homeopathic nerve nutrient for nervous tension and general irritability. B-complex vitamins, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12 are rapidly depleted and need to be supplied on a daily basis to support a healthy nervous system. Magnesium a key mineral required in the production of energy and muscle relaxation.

Vitaforce Nutri-B calm provides a unique combination of scientifically and clinically tested nutrients to help restore a calm body and mind. Ideal for those times when you feel overwhelmed and need to stay calm and focused on the task at hand. 

How to use:

 Adults: 2 capsules daily with food or as directed by a health professional.

Ingredients: Each 2 capsules contain:

  • Vitamin B2 25 mg
  • Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) 25 mg
  • Vitamin D3 400 I.u.
  • Magnesium (As Oxide) 200 mg
  • L-Theanine 200 mg (Standardised Extracts)
  • Kali Phosphoricum D6