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Viral Guard Throat Spray 30ml

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What is Viral Guard Throat Spray?

ViralGuard Throat Spray 30ml is made with herbal extracts and zinc to soothe sore and irritated throats and protect the body against cold and flu symptoms. It contains no alcohol and causes no drowsiness. Free of preservatives.

How to use:

When should I use ViralGuard throat spray? Start using when the first signs and symptoms of colds and flu appear. For best results, continue use for 3 days after symptoms improve. Dosage and directions for use: Shake well before use. Children older than 3 years: spray 2 to 4 squirts into the mouth up to 5 times per day as required. Adults: spray 4 to 6 squirts directly at the back of your throat up to 6 times per day as required.

Ingredients: Each 1 ml contains

  • Elderberry extract 250 mg (Sambucus nigra);
  • pelargonium extract 136 mg (Pelargonium sidoides 12,5 %);
  • peppermint oil 10 mg (Mentha piperita);
  • zinc 1 mg.