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Turbo Energy Sachets 30 Sachets

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What are Turbo Energy Sachets?

Turbo Energy With Electrolytes 9.7g helps you feel energised and awake, giving you extra stamina to cope with the daily grind, to stay awake to study or drive, or for those taking part in competitive sport. Suitable for diabetics.

How to use:

Dissolve a sachet in half a glass of water and take one hour before driving, studying, training, competing or playing. Stay alert and energised throughout your day. Prevent cramps and dehydration.Normal dose: one sachet three times daily.



Turbo Energy contains fructose, which has the ability to give you that boost of physical energy that you might need. It is particularly effective during sport.


The caffeine in Turbo Energy gives you a boost of mental energy and makes you feel alert and awake.

Mineral salts

Turbo Energy is unique in that it contains mineral salts that prevent you from dehydrating during exercise or when you are recovering from illness.