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Sperm-aid 90 Tablets

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What is Sperm-aid?

SPERM AID tablets contribute to normal fertility and reproduction in men by facilitating the production of normal sperm, helping maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood, and protecting cells from oxidative stress. L-Arginine is an amino acid involved in muscle protein synthesis.

How to use:

Adults: Take 1 – 3 tablets daily with meals, or as recommended by a healthcare provider. The dose can be taken all at once or split throughout the day.

Ingredients: Per Tablets

  • L-Arginine (L-Arginine hydrochloride) 500 mg
  • Zinc (Zinc gluconate) 5 mg
  • Selenium (Selenium glycinate 0,2%) 15 µg
  • Glycine (Selenium glycinate 0,2%) 4,9 ug