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SkinSano Multipurpose Ointment 100g

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What is SkinSano Multipurpose Ointment?

Skinsano Multipurpose Ointment 100g contains calendula and lavender oils to nourish dry, itchy skin and soothe the resulting irritations. Its gentle formula is easy on the skin and forms a barrier to keep it protected.

How to use:

Smear the ointment onto the affected area or the area to be protected. Re-apply the ointment frequently for maximum protection and effectiveness.


  • Lanolin 28.5% ww,
  • Calendula Oil 1.00% ww,
  • Lavender Oil 0.50% ww,
  • Zinc Oxide 20.00% ww,
  • Salicylic Acid 0.10% ww,

Preservative: Phenonip 0.5% ww.