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Salex Metered Saline Nasal Spray 30ml

by Salex
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What is Salex Metered Saline Nasal Spray?

Salex Metered Saline Spray is a fine mist spray that helps improve nasal hygiene. It can be used every day by all ages to moisturise and clean the nasal passages. Non-addictive, buffered and isotonic.

How to use:

Adults: 2 to 6 sprays in each nostril as often as needed or as directed by your doctor or pharmacist. Children and infants: half the adult dosage.

Directions for use: remove the cap and press down on both sides of the nozzle for one spray. Wipe the nozzle clean and replace the cap. The use of this product by more than one person may spread infection. Discard after 30 days of opening.


Contents 0.72% saline solution which is buffered and isotonic to the nasal mucosa