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Physiomer Normal Nasal Spray 135ml

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What is Physiomer Normal Nasal Spray?

Physiomer Normal Jet cleanses, moisturises and clears the nasal fossae. PHYSIOMER Normal Jet is dispensed in an intense spray that effectively removes liquid secretions. 

Can be used for:


  • Improve breathing :+45%
  • Reduce nasal symptoms
  • Improve the general state of health
  • Reduce reliance on medication


  • Actively protect against colds, reducing their incidence by half

How to use:

  • PHYSIOMER Normal Jet is specially adapted to even the most fragile of nasal mucosa. It is therefore safe to use several times a day, in both adults and children over 6 years of age.                                                               
  • Runny nose caused by a cold or by rhinitis  Use 4 to 6 times a day to clear the nasal fossae and restore breathing through the nose in cases of cold, rhinopharyngitis, flu and other forms of rhinitis.
  • Preventive daily hygiene  Use one or twice daily.


  • 100% natural seawater
  • No preservatives or chemical additives
  • Sterile
  • Physiological pH specially adapted to the nasal mucosa
  • Isotonic* 

*with a concentration equivalent to 9g/l of total salts, like that of the human body.