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Physiomer Baby Mist Nasal Spray 115ml

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What is Physiomer Baby Mist Nasal Spray?

Why is PHYSIOMER Baby Mist a young mum's best friend? Because it is appropriate for your baby's delicate nose, from the moment s/he is born. PHYSIOMER Baby Mist cleanses, moisturises and clears the nasal fossae. It is also ideal for small children up to the age of 2.

PHYSIOMER Baby Mist can be used to:

  • Improve breathing :+45 %
  • Prevent ENT complications (otitis, bronchiolitis)


  • Cut incidence of colds by half
  • Remove dust, allergens, pollution and pathogens (viruses, bacteria)
  • Facilitate nose blowing by making it more natural and pleasant

How to use:

Runny or stuffy nose caused by a cold or by rhinopharyngitis
Use 4 to 6 times a day to clear the nasal fossae and restore breathing through the nose in cases of cold, rhinopharyngitis, bronchiolitis and other forms of rhinitis.  
If your baby has a stuffy nose, don't hesitate to use hourly as soon as the first signs of congestion appear (tingling sensation).           


  • 100% natural seawater
  • No preservatives or chemical additives
  • Sterile
  • Physiological pH specially adapted to the nasal mucosa
  • Isotonic*