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Pegasus Sinus 25g

by Pegasus
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What is Pegasus Sinus?

A homeopathic remedy for acute sinus-related conditions (e.g. postnasal drip & resulting cough, continual clearing of the throat, sinus congestion and pain, sinus headaches, and painful blocked ears.)

How to use:

One dose is 3-5 pillules sucked under the tongue in a clean mouth, this applies to adults, children and animals alike.
In acute conditions, dose every hour for 3 doses, then every 2 hours for 3 doses.
Thereafter dose 4-6 hourly as required for 3-5 days.
Do not dose continuously, but rather treat each episode as it arises.


  • Hepar sulphuris 30c
  • Hydrastis canadensis 30c
  • Kali bichromicum 200c
  • Mercurius solubilis 7c
  • Nux vomica 30c
  • Pulsatilla pratensis 30c
  • Sambucus nigra 30c
  • Silicea 30c