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Peaceful Sleep Travel Aero 85ml

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What is Peaceful Sleep Mosquito Repellent Aerosol?

Peaceful Sleep Mosquito Repellent Aerosol 85ml has a clean and non-greasy formulation that helps protect you and your family against the bites of mosquitoes, fleas and flies. Resistant to perspiration.

How to use:

  • Face: do not spray onto the face. Spray onto the palm of the hand and smooth onto the face and back of neck. Keep away from eyes and lips, mucous membranes, broken skin and areas of skin flexion.
  • Body: hold can 15 to 25 cm away and spray to moisten skin lightly. Not necessary to wet excessively.
  • Ticks and fleas: spray on trouser turn-ups and socks. Do not spray on artificial fabrics. Directions: use only as directed.

Please note: peaceful sleep is not sprayed into the air. It is applied to the skin.

This repels mosquitoes and other insects for up to 8 hours.

Ingredients:  Active Ingredient: Each 150g Contains

  • Diethyl Toluamide - 22.5g