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Naturmade Charco 125mg 50's

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What is Naturmade Charco 125mg?

Naturmade’s Activated Charcoal is a class-leading, pharmaceutical grade charcoal (medical registration pending), with the highest activation level on the market. Activation of charcoal is measured by an iodine absorption test, and while most have an iodine number of 800, Naturmade’s Activated Charcoal ranges from 1200 in tabs, and 1500 in caps. This means quicker results, on a substantially lower dosage. 


Naturmade’s Activated Charcoal is incredibly effective at relieving bloating, indigestion, food poisoning or allergic reactions to food. It can do this because of its microscopically porous and highly absorbent surface, which enables Activated Charcoal to suck up poisons and gases, such as amines, peptotoxins of decomposed foods, bacterial toxins, nitrogenous and organic wastes, carbon dioxide, and methane, in your stomach and intestine.

These damaging substances are adsorbed by the porous surfaces of these tiny charcoal particles, and escorted through to evacuation of the bowel. Activated Charcoal is not digested or dissolved by the acids or alkalis of the digestive tract and therefore is not assimilated into the blood stream, rendering it absolutely non-toxic. It also has no effect on neurotransmitters which means it is not addictive in any way.

How to use:

Activated charcoal is non-toxic, so you cannot overdose. You can take activated charcoal when symptoms appear or as a daily detox.


  • As a general daily detox agent: Take 1-6 tablets or 1-4 capsules daily with a glass of water.
  • Stomach Ache, Food Poisoning: 4-6 tablets or 2-4 capsules taken immediately and an additional 2 tablets every 6 hours thereafter, or until the symptoms subside.
  • Hangover: While not a cure for a hangover, taking charcoal after a night out, prior to falling asleep and as soon as you wake up, will serve to ‘soak’ up the residue and toxins left over from alcohol consumption. Take 7 CharcoTabs or 5 CharcoCaps prior to sleep and repeat upon waking. Drink up to 500ml of water at the same time. Check out our specially formulated Naturmade So-Sob'r.
  • Diarrhoea: Research suggests that it may be useful for diarrhoea. Take 6-10 tablets or 5-8 capsules immediately and a further 4-6 tablets or 2-4 capsules every few hours or until symptoms subside.
  • Chewies Dosage: Children 3 years+: 2-4 Chewies as, and when needed. Drink water to rinse away charcoal residue left after chewing.