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Natura Tinnitus Noises In the Ears 150 Tablets

by Natura
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What are Natura Tinnitus tablets?

A homeopathic medicine which assists in the treatment of prediagnosed tinnitus (ringing or buzzing noises in the ear), auditory vertigo, Meniere’s syndrome and related symptoms. Diseases should be prediagnosed by a suitably qualified medical practitioner.

How to use:

  • Dissolve two tablets in the mouth once daily for three months.
  • hold the medicine in the mouth for a short period and the mouth should be free of any other tastes (toothpaste, peppermint, etc.) 
  • Avoid taking this medicine within half an hour of strong coffee, chocolate, camphor or aromatic substances 

Ingredients: Each tablet contains:

  • Chenopodium ambrosiodes D60
  • Chininum salicylicum D60
  • Conium maculatum D60
  • Natrium salicylicum D60
  • Contains sugar - Lactose


Should not be taken during pregnancy and breast feeding

Precautions, Contra-indications and Side Effects:

  • Consult your practitioner if symptoms are severe or persist without improvement
  • In the event of hypersensitivity or allergy to an ingredient in this medicine, discontinue use
  • ONLY substitute existing medical treatment under professional supervision