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Natura Sango For Nosebleeds Drops 25ml

by Natura
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What are Natura Sango drops?

A homeopathic medicine which assists the body in recovering from loss of blood and assists in the treatment of:

  • Nosebleeds (epistaxis)
  • Heavy menstruation (menorrhagia)
  • Pre-diagnosed bleeding haemorrhoids as an adjuvant to complement existing medication for the treatment of this condition

How to use:

  • 10 drops directly on the tongue or diluted in a little water three times daily
  • May be taken hourly in acute cases while symptoms are severe
  • Reduce dosage with improvement of symptoms

Ingredients: Each 1 ml contains:

  • Aconitum napellus Spag D4
  • Cinchona succirubra Spag D4
  • Erigeron canadense Spag D3
  • Ferrum phosphoricum D10
  • Hamamelis virginiana Spag D3
  • Hepar sulphuris calcareum D30
  • Secale cornutum D30
  • Sepia officinalis D10
  • Ustilago maydis Spag D6
  • Preservative: 20% Alcohol