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Milton Sterilising Tablets 32 Tablets

by Milton
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What are Milton Sterilising Tablets?

Milton 32 Sterilising Tablets offer maximum protection in 15 minutes when added to water and effectively kills bacteria and viruses with no nasty chemical taste or harm to the baby. 

How to use:

Dissolve 1 tablet per 25 L of drinking water (50 L if low risk area). Leave for 10 minutes before drinking.

Surface hygiene: to clean and disinfect surfaces, dissolve 1 tablet in 2 L of clean washing up water. Using rubber gloves, all surfaces can be washed down in the normal way. Leave surfaces to air-dry or use disposable paper towels.

Salad & vegetable washing: dissolve 1 tablet per 10 L of cold water. Submerge produce for 15 minutes. Rinse with tap water and consume or refrigerate. Suitable for non-peelable produce only.

For sterilising baby bottles and teats without boiling.

  1. Clean utensils thoroughly: After each feed rinse out bottles and teats with cold water. Wash in soap and water using a bottle brush. Rub teats with salt inside and outside to remove milk deposit. Rinse with cold water. Note: always use cold water - hot water hardens milk residue and inhibits effective sterilisation.
  2. Prepare Milton solution: Use Milton sterilising unit or a non-metallic container. Fill the unit with cold water (4 L). Add 1 tablet for every 2 litres of water, i.e. 2 tablets if using Milton sterilising unit filled to the marked line. Ensure complete dissolution of tablets before submerging utensils. Note: make a new Milton solution every 24 hours. Do not leave solution in direct sunlight.
  3. Soak utensils for 30 minutes: Place baby's bottles and teats in the Milton solution. Make sure all items are completely covered by the solution. Remove any trapped air bubbles in the bottles. Place cover on. Full sterilisation complete after 30 minutes. Note: leave in solution until next feed.
  4. Wash hands before removing utensils: Wash hands thoroughly before removing items from the solution. Drain bottles and teats. Do not rinse. Fill bottle immediately and cover teat.