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Kroko Corn Cap Medicated Corn Plasters 6 Pack

by Koko
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What are Kroko Corn Cap Medicated Corn Plasters?

Kroko Corn Caps Medicated Corn Plasters 6 Pack contain 32 mg salicylic acid per plaster to help with the at-home treatment of corns, warts and inter-digital corns and calluses.

How to use:

  1. Soften the corn or callus by bathing in hot water.
  2. Dry carefully.
  3. Carefully apply a Kroko adhesive corn plaster to cover only the corn or callus with the green medicated portion of the plaster.
  4. Change the plaster every second day until the corn or callus comes off by itself after a hot foot bath.

Note: for better adherence, allow the two ends of the plaster to super-impose on one another. The administration must not exceed 14 days.

Ingredients: Each plasters contains

  • Salicylic acid - 32mg