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Handy Andy Household Cleaning Cream Lavender 750ml

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What is Handy Andy Household Cleaning Cream Lavender?

Handy Andy Cream Cleaner Lavender 750ml is packed full of millions of microparticles to remove even the toughest dirt with great ease for beautiful results.

Cream with micro crystals. New Handy Andy cream with micro crystals - removes 100% of the most engrained dirt for 100% beautifully clean surfaces. It penetrates and removes completely the most stubborn dirt, like encrusted grease, burnt-on food, bathroom limescale stains; its new texture is easy to rinse so you can enjoy a perfect shiny clean right away.

Usage instructions:
Directions for use: Use on a damp cloth to clean even the toughest dirt, then rinse to leave a bright shiny surface. Can be diluted in water.

Handy Andy contains amongst other ingredients: Abrasive Agent, Surfactants and Perfume.