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Fithealth Dry Eye Plus 60 Capsules

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What is Fithealth Dry Eye?

Fithealth Dry Eye Plus contains a potent combination of Omega 3's, Approved Proprietary Herbal Extract and Lecithin.

Relieve and lubricate moderate to severe tired, dry, watery, red, scratchy, sensitive or irritated eyes with Fithealth Dry Eye Plus.

Dry-eye syndrome is caused by a chronic lack of lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye. Eye discomfort can be caused by ageing, medication, dehydration, dry climates, air travel, exposure to wind, inflammation of the eyelids, eye surgery, chronic diseases and even poor blinking habits, e.g. when staring at a computer or TV.

Fithealth Dry Eye Plus can assist with:

  • Aqueous tear-deficient dry eyes
  • Evaporative dry eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Reducing eye inflammation
  • Reducing light sensitivity, itchiness, watery, tired and red eyes

The unique and potent combination in Fithealth Dry Eye Plus lubricates the eyes, ensuring an improved and even distribution of good quality tears to all three tear layers.

  • Fish oil 40:30 (EPA/DHA): assists in keeping the lipid tear layer nourished and inhibits inflammation and tear evaporation
  • Herbal extract: assists in producing good quality tears and evens out tear distribution
  • Lecithin: essential for every living cell.

How to use:

First 2 weeks: Take 4 capsules daily (2 morning/2 evening) with cold water.

Thereafter: Take 2 capsules daily with cold water as a maintenance dose. If condition persists after six to eight weeks, consult your practitioner.

Ingredients: Per 2 Capsules

  • Fish oil 40:30 - 1000mg
  • of which EPA (Omega 3) - 400mg
  • of which DHA (Omega 3) - 300mg
  • Approved Proprietary Herbal Extract - 166mg
  • Lecithin - 44mg