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Expigen Cough Syrup 100ml

R 50.95

What does Expigen Cough Syrup 100ml Contain:

Each 10ml syrup Contains:

  • Sorbimacrogol laurate 300 36,33 mg
  • Ammonium chloride 34,00 mg
  • Preservative:
  • Sodium benzoate 0,12 % m/v
  • Contains sugar: Sucrose 6,00g
  • Alcohol-free
  • Tartrazine-free

How to use  Expigen Cough Syrup 100ml:

Syrup should be kept in the mouth for a few minutes and it should not be taken together with food or beverages


Adults: One or two medicine measurefuls (5 ml to 10 ml) three to six times a day.

Children (over three years of age): One medicine measurefuls (5 ml) three to six times a day.

Children (under 9 years of age): Not Recommended

Pack size:
100 ml 

Quantity in pack: