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EMEX Syrup 100ml

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What is EMEX Syrup?

Emex Nausea And Vomiting Syrup 100 ml is a remedy that assists with morning and motion sickness and general nausea. With a spearmint flavour, it contains central nervous system anti-vertigo and anti-emetic agents.

How to use:

Do not dilute the dosage since the optimal pH for functioning will be destroyed.

Motion sickness (car, air etc.) Adults: Two to four medicine measures (10 - 20 mL) before starting trip, and then as necessary.

Morning sickness: Two to four medicine measures (10 - 20 mL) if and when necessary.

Ingredients: Each 5 mL contains:

  • Invert sugar 3,0 g
  • Phosphoric acid 25,0 mg
  • Methylparaben (Preservative) 0,1% m/v