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Durex Pleasure Me 12 Condoms

by Durex
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What are Durex Pleasure Me Condoms?

Durex Pleasure Me Condoms have uniquely positioned ribs and raised dots designed to enhance stimulation.

  • Ribbed and dotted for extra stimulation
  • 100% electronically tested
  • Nominal width 56mm
  • Natural rubber latex condom

Durex Pleasure Me Condoms can increase stimulation for you and your partner. The specially designed shape has uniquely positioned ribs and raised dots. These ribs are placed at the bottom of the condom to help create clitoral stimulation.

The special way we make Durex Pleasure Me condoms means they smell better. So there are no unpleasant distractions, and you can just relax and enjoy it.

No form of contraception can provide 100% protection against pregnancy, STIs and HIV.

How to use

1. Either partner can put the condom on the erect penis during foreplay. Take care to do this before the penis touches the other person. This helps to prevent pregnancy and the possibility of catching sexually transmitted infections.NB: check the expiry date on the condom wrapper before you use it. Tear the wrapper open from the serrated edge and handle the condom carefully, as it can be damaged by fingernails and sharp objects like jewelry and body piercings.

2. Check the roll is on the outside. If it's on the inside, the condom is inside out. Squeeze the teat end of the condom so that no air is trapped inside.

3. Still squeezing the teat, place the condom on top of the penis and roll it down with your other hand. If it starts to roll back up during sex, roll it back down straight away. If it comes off, stop and put a new condom on.

4. Soon after ejaculation, and while the penis is still erect, the condom should be held firmly in place at the base of the penis before withdrawal. Then simply take the condom off, wrap it in a tissue and put it in the bin. Please don't flush it down the toilet. Please read the leaflet inside this pack carefully, especially if you are using condoms for anal or oral sex.