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Duphalac Laxative 10 sachets

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What is Duphalac Laxative Sachets?

Duphalac Lactulose Crystalline Powder 10 Sachets is no regular laxative. It helps to retain water in the colon, softening faeces and ensuring that normal colonic peristalsis occurs to help the body naturally and easily expel waste.

How to use:

(a) Constipation: The dosage for constipation can be varied according to the individual response, but the following serves as a guide.

Starting dose (3 days) - Maintenance dose. Gram per day - gram per day:

  • Adults: 10-30 g - 10-20 g.
  • Children 7-14 years: 10 g - 10 g.
  • Children 1-6 years: 5-10 g - 5-10 g

.If there is no response within 48 hours the dosage can be increased and if diarrhoea occurs the dosage should be decreased.Since Duphalac dry exerts its effect when it reaches the colon it may take 1-2 days before normal defaecation occurs.

(b) Portal systemic encephalopathy: Starting dose 20-35 g three times a day. The maintenance dose has to be adjusted to the individual response. Duphalac dry can be best taken with breakfast cereals, or drinks such as tea, coffee, fruit juice, or milk.