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CrampEase Gel 50g

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What is CrampEase Gel?

Penpharm CrampEase Gel 50g is formulated with plant-derived oils that may alleviate muscle cramps and fatigue, as well as inflammation.

How to use:

First, try on a small patch of skin. Discontinue immediately. If you have an allergic reaction. For muscular comfort: massage in before exercise to warm up and after exercise to relieve muscle soreness or stiffness. For pain and inflammation: massage gently into the affected areas. Repeat three to four times daily.

Ingredients: Active ingredients per 50g:

  • Eucalyptus oil - 2.50g.
  • Methyl salicylate - 5.00g.
  • Lavender oil - 0.50g.
  • Chamomile - 0.25g.
  • D3.5 connective tissue medicines, others. Western herbal. 50g.