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Agiobulk Laxative 250g Granules

by Med365
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What is Agiobulk Laxative Granules?

Agiobulk is a bulk-forming agent of plant origin. The seeds and husks of Plantago ovata are present in granular form and swell when in contact with water. Agiobulk regulates disturbed bowel function in the following way :

  1. In constipation - the bulk produced by swelling of the granules stimulates the stretch receptors in the intestinal wall. This initiates increased peristalsis. Hard stools are softened due to the higher water content, and the passage of the faeces is facilitated.
  2. In cases of diarrhoea - the swelling of the granules in the intestine, with the uptake of water, may result in the formation of less watery stools.

How to use:
Unless otherwise directed by the doctor, we recommend the following dosages :

Adults: In cases of constipation, 2 medicine measures of Agiobulk should be taken in the evenings after meals (at least one hour before bedtime). If required, 1 medicine measure can also be taken in the morning before breakfast.

In cases of diarrhoea, initially take 2 medicine measures of Agiobulk three times daily (for 1 - 3 days) then, if required, 1 medicine measure three times daily.

Children: Half the adult dosage should be taken.

Note for diabetics: 1 medicine measure of Agiobulk contains approximately 0,9 g sucrose.

Ingredients: 100g of granules contains

  • Seeds of Plantago ovata - 65,0 g
  • Ispaghula husk - 2,2 g