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Vascafem 100 Tablets

by Vasafem
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What are Vascafem 100 Tablets?

Vascafem Unique Supplement For Women 100 Tablets is formulated with a special selection of vitamins and minerals, like calcium, vitamin B6 and ginko biloba, to support women's health. It helps with vitality and stamina, and to maintain general well-being.

Why should you be taking Vascafem tablets? As a calcium supplement: Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. More than 99% of calcium is present in bones and teeth. In addition to its major role in bones, calcium serves many other important and vital functions in the body. Calcium absorption from inorganic calcium salts is dependent on a high stomach acid content. That is why Vascafem should be taken after meals when the stomach acid level is at its highest. The calcium in Vascafem is from both an organic (water soluble) and inorganic source and provides 500mg elemental calcium daily. For effective weight control: The seaweed kelp provides excellent nutrients from the sea, particularly iodine, which is very important for the thyroid gland to function properly. The thyroid gland is an important regulator of metabolism and weight. The nutrients in kelp include protein, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, fibre, trace elements, sodium and potassium salts. Kelp is also an important general and nutritive tonic herb, which can be taken as a supplement by patients with obesity, heart disease, respiratory disease, rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure, thyroid deficiency, constipation, gastrointestinal ailments and infectious diseases. As a source of Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 has been associated with healthy bones in post-menopausal women. More than fifty chemical processes in the body depend on Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 levels can be low in cases of depression and women taking oestrogen in the form of birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy. For improved blood circulation: The Chinese herb ginkgo biloba has been used for centuries by the Chinese to treat lung ailments, vascular diseases and as a memory booster for the aged. Ginkgo biloba contains antioxidants Vit C and carotenoids known as ginkgolides. Ginkgo biloba flavanoids dilate micro-capillaries, which effectively increase blood circulation and oxygen levels in brain tissues and the extremities. Ginkgo biloba is also a powerful antioxidant keeping arterial walls flexible and decreasing the formation of arteriosclerosis plaque. Ginkgo biloba strengthens the cardiovascular system. It also scavenges on free-radicals that can damage cells and accelerate ageing. Ginkgo biloba may be useful to improve the memory of men and women, especially when used in conjunction with hawthorn. Hawthorn berry works to increase cardiovascular health. It is an excellent heart tonic as it dilates peripheral blood vessels, coronary vessels and improves blood circulation.

How to use:

One tablet twice a day for five days, then two tablets twice a day after meals. Diabetics and persons on other medication must start on a lower dose of half a tablet twice a day for five days before proceeding to a higher dose of one twice a day as indicated on the container. Vascafem was originally formulated for women, but men, diabetics and smokers can also use it as a supplement. Optimal results from Vascafem will be felt after three to four weeks. Regular use is important. Directions for use: One tablet to be taken twice a day for five days, then two tablets twice a day after meals.