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Pigeon Toothbrush Trainer Set

by Pigeon
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What is Pigeon Toothbrush Trainer Set?

Teaches your baby that caring for his teeth is fun. There are 3 brushes in the set which are to be used in different stages and encourages good dental hygiene right from the first two teeth.

Lesson 1:
Babies with 2-3 milk teeth. Rubber brush has horizontal and vertical brushes, to ensure that baby’s teeth are properly cleaned. The thick and contoured handle is easy to grasp.
Elastic rubber head feels soft on baby’s gums. Safety Shield prevents choking.

Lesson 2:
Babies with 8-10 milk teeth. Babies like to imitate parents at this stage and the soft rubber bristles are gentle on baby’s gums. Fine bristle-ends allow easy cleaning, as well as between the teeth.

Lesson 3:
When all the milk teeth are in, your child is now ready for his very own toothbrush.