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Paranix Lice Shampoo 200ml

by Paranix
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What is Paranix Lice Shampoo?

Paranix Lice Shampoo 200ml is clinically proven to kill 100%% of head lice when used correctly. Effective in 10 minutes, ensure to use a sufficient amount and comb thoroughly to remove eggs. Comb included, insecticide-free.

How to use:

Paranix shampoo's double-action formula not only suffocates but also dehydrates head lice and eggs. In addition, it's convenient to use as it washes the hair at the same time.

  1. Check dry hair lock by lock for head lice using the enclosed fine toothed anti-lice comb.
  2. Apply enough Paranix shampoo evenly onto dry hair. Be sure to cover all the hair and scalp. Massage well from the roots to tips paying particular attention to the neck and behind the ears. Wait for 10 minutes.
  3. Add enough water to the hair to work up foam. Wash and rinse the hair thoroughly. Be sure to rinse everything out.
  4. Before drying the hair, comb thoroughly with the Paranix anti-lice comb to remove the lice and eggs. Regularly clean the comb.
  5. Repeat after 7 days. Read the instructions before use. For use on adults and children over 2 years old.


Mineral Oil, Foaming Agents, Perfume.