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Paranix Head Lice Repellent Spray 100ml

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What is Paranix Head Lice Repellent Spray?

Paranix Head Lice Repellant Spray contains IR3535, a widely-used insect repellent. Provides effective protection against head lice infestation.

Paranix head lice repellent provides immediate & long-lasting protection against head lice. Its gentle formulation with IR3535 and natural plant extracts has been clinically proven to effectively repel head lice and is safe for daily use. Easy to use. Non-greasy, dries naturally. Pleasant fragrance. Ingredients: Paranix head lice repellent contains a widely-used insect repellent, commonly known as IR3535. Laboratory and in vivo testing proves that Paranix head lice repellent provides effective protection against head lice infestation.

How to use:

Use Paranix head lice repellent daily during lice outbreaks to keep the hair head lice free or start to use it immediately after having completed a head lice treatment to avoid re-infestation. 1- Spray Paranix head lice repellent every morning on clean and towel dried hair after styling it in the usual way. Be sure to cover all the hair paying particular attention to the areas close to the neck and behind the ears. As a guide, apply between 5 and 25 sprays according to length of hair. 2- Allow the hair to dry naturally without applying heat. Do not use a hairdryer. Suitable for use on adults and children as of 12 months.