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Naturmade Crude Black Molasses 500g

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What is Naturmade Molasses Crude?

Naturmade’s Crude Molasses is a powerhouse of the vitamins and minerals which are stripped from table sugar during the sugar refining process. All the goodness that sugar lacks now resides in its by-product: molasses. Think of Blackstrap Molasses as a vitamin-infused syrup!


  • High copper content: long term use linked to hair growth and restoration of hair colour
  • High in Iron: 2 tablespoons a day provides 13.2% of our RDA of Iron
  • High in Calcium and Magnesium: defense against osteoporosis and other bone diseases
  • Laxative properties
  • Commonly used in cooking, but can and should be taken as a once a day tonic
  • Especially useful for vegetarians as required iron found in abundance in molasses

How to use:

One to two tablespoons in a glass of boiling water. Allow to cool. Can also be added to tea or coffee in place of sugar or sweetener.



A more bitter taste than blackstrap molasses. Ideal for a high protein low carbohydrate diet.