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Heel Nux Vomica-Homaccord Drops 30ml

by Heel
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What are Heel Nux Vomica-Homaccord Drops?

A Homeopathic remedy used for digestive and liver disorders, as well as overindulgence.

How to use:

  • Adults: 10 drops 3 times daily
  • Children and infants: Half the adult dose


Nux vomica D2, Nux vomica D10, Nux vomica D15, Nux vomica D30, Nux vomica D200, Nux vomica D1000, Bryonia cretica D2, Bryonia cretica D6, Bryonia cretica D10, Bryonia cretica D15, Bryonia cretica D30, Bryonia cretica D200, Bryonia cretica D1000 0.2 g each; Lycopodium clavatum D3, Lycopodium clavatum D10, Lycopodium clavatum D30, Lycopodium clavatum D200, Lycopodium clavatum D1000, Citrullus colocynthis D3, Citrullus colocynthis D10, Citrullus colocynthis D30, Citrullus colocynthis D200.