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No-Squito Lotion 125ml

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What is No-Squito Lotion?

Neem oil repels mosquitoes because of its azadirachtin content, whose smell and taste deters mosquitoes from biting. Neem oil can be applied to the skin by use of soap, spray, lotion or shower gel.

If you are looking for natural ways to prevent mosquitoes bites, Pure Organic Neem Oil might be your best ally. According to the WHO, over 1 million people die from mosquito bites complications each year. The pharmaceutical answer to preventing mosquitoes bites is DEET, which was found to possibly effect the neurological system negatively and have a huge impact on the environment. It is very important to find a more sustainable way to repel mosquitoes.

The influence of anzadirachtin on insects is that it modifies their hormonal system, preventing them from mating, laying eggs and growing. Because neem oil acts on hormones (contrarily to DEET), insects cannot develop resistance to it. So neem oil is an effective and sustainable way to repel mosquitoes and bugs.

  • Organic
  • Natural 
  • Bio-Degradable 
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  •  Non-Toxic or harmful ingredients
  • Safe for use.
  • Safe for children from 6 years + and adults to use
 How to use:
  • Rub over the whole body from head to toe to keep all those irritating and biting insects at bay.
  • Can be used as often as required. 
  • Assists in the prevention of all insect bites.


  • Pure Organic Neem Oil 
  • Lemongrass Oil