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Nicorette Chewable Nicotine-Resin Complex 4mg Mint 30 Pieces

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What is Nicorette Chewable Nicotine-Resin Complex 4mg Mint?

Nicorette Freshmint Nicotine Coated Gum 30 Pieces can help you kick the habit for good. Chew on this fresh minty bubblegum when cravings strike and control how much nicotine you ingest. Each piece contains just enough nicotine to satisfy your addiction but less than a real cigarette.

How to use:

Adults: Use the gum for 3 months. Gradual weaning from the gum should then be initiated. Treatment should be stopped when the dose is reduced to 1-2 chewing gums per day. The patient must give up smoking completely. The gradual cutting down of tobacco consumption will not work. Nicorette® has been prescribed as part of a programme to help the patient stop smoking.

1. Whenever the patient feels the need to smoke, one piece of gum should be placed in the mouth.

2. When the gum is chewed, nicotine is slowly released and is absorbed through the lining of the mouth.

3. The gum should be chewed very slowly until it is tasted or a slight tingling is felt in the mouth. Because of its nicotine content, the gum does not taste like ordinary chewing gum.

4. As soon as the gum can be tasted, chewing must stop.

5. After the taste or tingling is almost gone (about one minute), the gum should be chewed slowly again until the taste is more pronounced. Then chewing should be stopped again.

6. The gum should be chewed slowly for 30 minutes to release most of the nicotine. The patient should not expect the gum to give the same quick satisfaction that smoking does.

7. Most people find that 10 to 12 pieces per day of Nicorette® 2 mg or 4 mg are enough to control their urge to smoke.

    Ingredients: Per Piece

    • Nicotine-resin complex equivalent to 4 mg nicotine