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Apex Pill Splitter Large

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R 88.95

What is the Apex Pill Splitter?

Ensure the correct dosage or make large pills easier to swallow with the Apex Pill Cutter. It's suitable for the animal as well as human medication, and it has a V-shaped holder to keep pills in place. This makes cuts more accurate and allows for aligning the stainless steel blade with dividing lines. Double-bevelled edges increase cutting power and maintain a sharp edge. This tablet splitter also features a tray for collecting cut pill pieces. It comes in assorted colours and is translucent for improved visibility.

Pill Cutter Apex Double-Beveled Stainless Steel Blade Assorted Colors:

  • Flexible V-shaped holder grips all pill sizes for accurate cutting
  • Double-beveled stainless steel blade stays sharp
  • Collection tray to hold cut pills
  • Blade placement inside the lid makes the Apex splitter safer to use
  • Transparent body provides visibility when cutting