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Apex Baby Nasal Aspirator

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What is the Apex Baby Nasal Aspirator?

Keep your baby's nose clean without causing harm. Our baby nasal aspirator gently sucks out liquid and snot without hurting them. The baby nose sucker features a soft bulb to control the force of the suction gently. The safety tip ensures the baby aspirator is properly inserted. Our infant nasal aspirator can help remove excess snot to clear airways for better breathing. It can also be used to administer nasal medication.

  • Helps clean mucus from baby's nose for easier breathing. Use the snot sucker to clear your baby's air passage. Press down on the bulb, insert the nasal syringe, and then slowly relieve pressure. The infant nose cleaner will then suck out any excess mucus or liquid.
  • Safety tip ensures correct insertion depth. Safety comes first with our nose aspirator. The safety tip becomes larger at its base to prevent it from being lodged in too deep.
  • Soft bulb provides maximum control. Sucking too quickly can scare any infant. The bulb nasal aspirator features a soft bulb allowing you to suck out mucus slowly. This keeps from scaring the baby or hurting them with too much force.